Hey there, I'm Catherine.

I'm the graphic designer and modern memory-keeper behind Green Fingerprint.


I help busy families transform their memories into photo and video projects they can share and enjoy.

It's easier than ever to capture the world around us, so we're taking thousands of photos every year.

But very few of us have the time (or desire) to deal with this stuff, so it just accumulates, causing stress and guilt - two things we Moms don’t need any more of!

I believe modern memory-keeping should be simple, beautiful, meaningful, and shareable.

I'm not into bronzing every baby moccasin, but I do believe your memories matter enough to document those that matter most.

Here’s the deal: If you haven’t done anything with your memories you’re definitely not alone, and you’re in the right place.

I design custom photo books and videos using your memories.

I can help you sift through your photos and memorabilia, identify what matters, and document those special memories in simple, beautifully-designed, modern projects you can share and enjoy for years to come.

My goal is to help you take care of yesterday so you can relax today and enjoy those memories tomorrow.

Sound good?



I'm currently booking clients for Fall 2018. Let's get your memories documented.


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