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I teach creative e-courses through Big Picture Classes. Scroll down for my current offerings, reviews, access to a free trial and free tutorials.


Through videos, written lessons, and photos, this course walks you through the process of taking all the school work you've collected throughout a year and documenting it in a meaningful way. It's chock full of simple, actionable ideas for what exactly to do with those piles of your kids' work.


My most popular class takes you through the process of digitizing your hand-lettering and patterns. Included are step-by-step video tutorials breaking down each step of the process, from lettering practice to scanning your work, making adjustments in Photoshop Elements, and designing simple invitations, prints, and stationery.


In this course, I share photo tips and journaling prompts to get you out of a memory-keeping rut. You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look into my process for completing a pocket page layout. If you're curious about what pocket scrapbooking is all about, or if you need a little boost of inspiration, be sure to check out this class.



"Thank you for a terrific class! I love the way you broke things down into simple steps and built upon them." @moonball Kingston, Ontario
"I thought this class was brilliant, it taught me something I have never known how to do properly. It was all explained so clearly and made me feel like I could go and do it right away! Thanks!" @jennifergrace Dorset, UK
"This class was absolutely perfect, easy to learn and understand and is going to make my ideas turn into tangible pieces of art. I cannot wait! Thank you!" @Karmasjourney Grand Prairie, Texas