2015 Goals Update

Time is flying. We're two months into twenty-fifteen, and I'm actually still excited about the goals I set in late-December. I've learned a few things in these two short months. I've seen the significance of writing down what I hope to accomplish, sharing it with friends and family for accountability, and then periodically checking in on those goals.

It's not rocket science, but I'm not exactly great about follow-through, so it's all still pretty miraculous to me. Since I shared my goals on the blog in January, I thought I'd check in every couple of months with an update.

Goods (two thumbs up):

  • blogging 5 days a week
  • creative "stuff" - this month was art journaling and I loved it
  • more quality time with Nick - yay! we found an east coast babysitter 
  • adventures with Ben (like this
  • fill this out for the month and get through it once a week
  • clearing out and setting up the office (making progress) 
  • buy a Valentine's gift for Nick
  • dentist appointments for the kids - done and done

Others (meh):

  • mail 30 letters (only got to 23 - I have some catching up to do)
  • call someone in my extended family once a week - I forgot about this one! it's going back on my list for March.
  • read a book on parenting - on my list for the last two months and I still haven't done it
  • wake up in the 6:00 hour (i.e. before the kids) and spend some time alone in the morning (uh... not so much)

So a lot of things went well the last two months, and that's great. I'm blogging and really enjoying it, I'm watching less TV and spending more time being creative. I got some things done I needed to do (dentist, gifts, etc.). All good things. 

But some things didn't go so well. I'm behind on my letters (although by the time this is published I'm hoping to be closer to caught up). And because I'm blogging so much, I find I'm staying up late at night and therefore not getting up early. As far as not reading a book on parenting, well, I'm "completing" this one by taking it off the list - for now, anyway. Maybe I'll try again later in the year, but I'm not willing to have this un-checked for a third month in a row. I'm changing up a few things in March based on what didn't go so well.

Goals for March:

  • Wake up at 6:00 5 days / week - weekends are for sleeping in!
  • Call one of my aunts or cousins each week
  • Blog minimum 3 days / week - I need more sleep and time to meet some other obligations I have this month. I don't have plans to monetize this blog, but I have to make money somehow and sleep and take care of two kiddos, so I'm dialing it back on the blog. I'll still be on Instagram everyday, and I'm hoping that less frequency will mean higher quality. I'll reevaluate at the end of the month.
  • Mail 37 letters this month
  • Hire a babysitter to watch the kids once a week so I can work
  • Workout 3 days / week - this hasn't been on my list of priorities at all since we moved, but I miss running! Can't do it outside (too much snow), but we joined a gym that has childcare so I can hit the treadmill or take a class. I haven't trained for a race since before I got pregnant with Owen, but I feel ready and excited to get back in the swing of things.
  • Plan a little gathering for Owen's first birthday

I've been working through these to help me set and track my goals, and I can actually see progress, but I'm not great about checking them more frequently than once a month. So that's something I'm changing this month as well. My list of monthly goals is up in my office so I'll see them everyday. I'm curious to see if this helps me stay on top of them throughout the month. 

Have you made progress on some of your big goals this year? How's your twenty-fifteen shaping up so far?

Pictured:  let's go journaling cards from Paislee Press