11 great podcast interviews with women

I was in a little bit of a podcast rut a week ago, but thanks to some great suggestions from friends on Instagram and a little digging into iTunes, I'm back on the podcast train. Lately, I'm loving interviews, so I thought I'd share a few that have entertained and interested me - and they all happen to be with women. With themes like habits, simplicity, entrepreneurship, design, pop culture and discipline, I tried to include something for everyone. I hope you find at least one of these entertaining or thought-provoking - or both! I certainly did.

1. The Lively Show with Grace Bonney / I love Grace's refreshing attitude, her honesty and her take on the internet.

2. The Good Life Project interview with Gretchen Rubin / Gretchen literally wrote the book on happiness, but now she's talking about habits. Great interview that left me wanting to know more.

3. The Happy Hour interview with Jen Hatmaker / Jamie Ivey interviews her friend Jen Hatmaker, author and pastor's wife living in Austin (and now HGTV reality star). I read her book 7 a few years ago and loved it. She's funny and fun and a good time.

4. The Happy Hour interview with Jessica Honneger / Another Jamie Ivey interview, this time with the founder of Noonday Collection. It's a really interesting chat about being a working mom, entrepreneurship, and Jessica's business, which connects jewelry makers from around the world with a market in the US.

5. Here's the Thing interview with Lena Dunham / Whether or not you watch "Girls," this is a really interesting interview. I love hearing Lena's take on her show, the future of it, what makes it unique and what she thinks of the internet's impact on her generation. Really thoughtful.

6. One Part Podcast interview with Rochelle Billow / Rochelle spent a year living on a farm in New York. She fell in love and wrote a book. I had no idea who she was when the interview started, but I was completely fascinated by her candor. It made me want to read the book.

7. After the Jump interview with Genevieve Gorder / I'm a big fan of this podcast and I miss it now that Grace Bonney (the host) has moved on, but this podcast with Genevieve (of HGTV fame) was really interesting, thought-provoking and entertaining. If you're into design, this one's a must.

9. Raise Your Hand Say Yes interview with Stephanie Lee / I wasn't familiar with Stephanie at all, but I found myself really interested in this discussion about connection, distraction, procrastination and habit.

10. Elise Gets Crafty interview with Britt Alwerud / Maybe it's because my brother-in-law works in Silicon Valley, and I've been hearing about apps and start-ups for years so it's just interesting to me, but I was totally fascinated by this interview with such a savvy and ambitious young entrepreneur.

11.  The Lively Show interview with Caroline Rector / Caroline's is the blog that spawned a million capsule wardrobes. This interview was my first introduction to her, and I've got it on my "listen again" list as I figure out what I'm wearing this spring. Love her simple, reassuring approach.

There are so many other great ones, but I wanted to keep this short and sweet. Have you heard any interviews recently that you'd recommend?